Facebook Video Advertisement Finds A New Dimension In Pakistan – ‘Branded Entertainment’

A Case Of Danish Ali’s Hilarious Energy Conservation Video And Orient D.C Invertor AC

Brands whether local or international are not ignoring the potential of social media in Pakistan. We have witnessed the increase in seasonal social campaigns that capitalize the emotional ecstasy. The exuberance related to particular events or else days (like Mother’s day, Eid day, Ramadan offers etc) is also translated through branded entertainment. In a lighter vein, we have seen increased interest of Pakistani social media audience in short videos being prepared by entertainers of Pakistani origin, living abroad, Zaid Ali T and Sham Idrees.

Recently, brands have started to approach such social media entertainers for the purpose of getting noticed during humorous video messages being produced. Among the latest examples is a video produced by a Karachi-based entertainer Danish Ali in which he has shared Orient’s DC invertor AC. The trends suggest that majority of the entertainers use real life examples, drizzled with humour to tickle the senses of the social media followers. This has led to a whole new dimension of Facebook videoadvertismenet powered by branded entertainment. Similarly, Danish Ali has highlighted the life of a family living under a dominating father who uses electricity in a miserly way, owing to the alarming cost of electricity in Pakistan.

The video begins with the father scarily opening the door with a bang and making his son skip a heart beat or two. He immediately asks the son to switch all unnecessary lights although he was reading a book. However, the father switches all lights and leaves his son in pitch darkness. Similarly, he uses a scissor to cut the charger’s wire for the sake of conserving electricity. He uses only one fan, oscillating for three people in one room. The evening time is the time when the entire family can relish the perks of sitting in an air-conditioned room. The AC that he switched on belongs to Orient and the characteristics of that AC are explained in the video (the primary one being that it uses quite less electricity and can also function with a generator or any other source of uninterrupted power supply (UPS). The air conditioner is the only appliance that the father switched on for a few minutes and after that he asks to switch off almost all appliances (microwave, television) and even the dog (who isn’t an appliance), but the father still asks the son to switch it off.

The video has two dimensions to it, one is the energy conserving mindset of an average Pakistani who finds it difficult to make ends meet owing to the continuous inflation and rising cost of electricity in the country. Orient has paved a clever way into this entertaining video of Danish Ali by giving a message to the audience that Orient Air Conditioners consume less electricity and are therefore economical. Moreover, the situation of prevailing power outages in Pakistan has also been addressed in the video.


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