Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook By Gary Vaynerchuk – Review

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook

How to tell your Story in a Noisy Social World

The Title- Why “Jab Jab Jab, Right Hook” (JJJRH)?

Gary Vaynerchuk’s bestseller “Jab, jab, jab, right hook” is a delightful treat for social media marketers, content creators and above all for brands that want to go social the right way. Throughout the book Vaynerchuk has used an interesting analogy of a boxing game and marketing through social platforms. Not to forget there are no chapters 1 , 2, 3, … in this book, there are rounds (just like in a game of boxing)!  He argues that marketing ones brand or business in the social world is similar to a boxing match where you need to make a lot of correct jabs to achieve a right hook and unlike traditional media where this match is one-sided, the boxing match on social platforms is dual-sided. For brands, going social means getting involved into conversations through the right stories that resonate among the right audiences and at the right time. Once a brand executes perfect “jabs” (which Vaynerchuk compares to right pieces of content to engage and entice users) it can also accomplish the coveted milestone of making the “right hook” i.e “calls-to-action” that benefit brands and businesses.

Key Takeaways From The Book:

– In an increasingly noisy social world a brand’s story should be compelling enough to sell stuff.
“There is no sales without the story, no knock out without the setup”
– Marketing through social media is about “giving” 5 times first and then demanding for something.

– Social media is a 24-7 job with no ‘six months long’ campaigns, there is 365-days of campaigning that revolves around connecting with the consumers on daily basis.
“Like great boxers, great storytellers are observant and self-aware”
– Marketers should know about each platform’s language and dynamics before tailoring a story for it.
– Great content and compelling stories fulfill the following criteria:
1- It’s native – (Content in the king, but context is the God).
2- It doesn’t interrupt – (if people don’t want to talk while being entertained, brands need to become their entertainment).
3- It doesn’t make demands often – (give, give, give, give, give…ask. Get it?)
4- It leverages pop culture – (create content that informs consumers about your brand’s knowledge of current happenings that matter to them).
5- It’s micro – (Micro-Content + Community Management=Effective Social Media Marketing).

6- It’s consistent and self-aware (no matter how you tell your story your personality and brand identity should remain consistent).

Social Media Has Victoriously Blended Into The Digital

Social media as per this book has started to cannibalize digital media even. The author wants the readers to admit the significance of social media to an extent that every form of media should have a social side do it. Whether it is the link of a brand’s Facebook page at the end of its TVC (Television commercial) or links to the social profiles in an email. Vaynerchuk has even declared through an inforgraphi in his book that digital marketing is being diluted by the active usage of social media. This along with other reasons has granted the author the right to advise his readers to consider JJJRH as a training camp that can prepare them to storytell on today’s most important social media sites.


The Sweet Science Of Social Story Telling

Constant experimentation, hours of effort, consistent content production coupled with close attention to variables is the sweet science of social media storytelling as explained by the author in the book.

At what times do we see the highest level of response?
What happens when we use slang?
Is there an increase an engagement when we put animated GIFs?

Brands and small businesses should look relevant, informed, engaged and authentic, as content for the sake of content is lame enough to be pointless. Outstanding stories cut through the noise

How To Leverage Each Platform For Social Media Marketing?

From Facebook to SnapChat, Vaynerchuk has identified the potential of each platform and how it can be leveraged for engaging brand followers. Also, the book contains critical analysis of various brands using different platforms. Some that are providing the right jabs while some that have failed to do so due to their lack of awareness regarding the platform, its usage or the poor stories. The author has suggested to:

Tell stories through Facebook

Listen well on Twitter

Glam it up on Pinterest

Create Art on Instagram

Get Animated on Tumblr

lastly, tap the opportunities in emerging networks like LinkedIn, SnapChat, Google+  etc.



This book should make it to the book-shelf of every digital marketer, content creator, marketing mangers of brands or else those who are simply inquisitive about the science of story telling through social media. The critical case studies mentioned in the book about how different brands use each platform and where they go wrong substantiate Vaynerchuk’s purpose of writing this book i.e to make it a training camp for people to connect social media audience with brands through compelling stories that engage multiple times before selling.


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