From A Wanderer To A Seller Of Travel Themed Items On Facebook

One such wanderer is Ifra Khaliq, who ended up translating her passion for wandering to introducing travel themed items on her Facebook page (Iff’s Collection). She has been selling pendants, bookmarks, leather journals, key-chains, hairpins, cufflinks and rings for almost two years now. Iff’s Collection has also been featured in a few national dailies for the unique products that it makes for travelers and lovers of vintage products.

You must have heard people saying “wandering brought me here” and nowadays there are examples when wandering brings people to Facebook and then they start selling stuff online.

Tell us a little about yourself and Iff’s collection?

I’m Ifra. I started Iff’s Collection in Aug 2014. I love making stuff from hand and that’s why I keep going from things like jewelry to leather journals and other stuff like passport holder (which I unfortunately couldn’t keep up owing to lack of proper leather sewing tools). Most of the collection I have is travel themed with a bit of this and that. I’ve been working on some new stuff lately as this has become a little redundant for me. Thanks to my highly inconsistent nature. I love traveling, trying out different cuisines and crafting. Before I started Iff’s Collection I was quite active on Iff’s Gallery, which is where I used to post about the random places I go to – locally and internationally.

What do you want to achieve through Iff’s collection?

I’ve no as such agenda or something I’d like to achieve through Iff’s Collection. I aim to make some stuff for wanderers out there and I believe I’ve done pretty well in last one year for that aim.

What brought you to Facebook advertisement or selling products through Facebook?

I started off with a Facebook page and advertisement was inevitable due to Facebook’s policies that don’t let the audience reach/see every post.

How did you learn Facebook ad targeting techniques and other ways on Facebook for reaching out to more people?

I definitely learnt by first doing and often sucking at it. But it works out 4 out of 7 times.

Are you satisfied with average number of sales or leads that you generate on daily/monthly and yearly basis? (you can mention the number of sales, but if you want to keep it private, we won’t mind).

I’m pretty satisfied with sales, which are never consistent as I’m always on the go and this has an impact on delivering orders.

S. I love my customers and friends who keep coming back. I owe it to them.

What hindrances are you facing or have faced while selling products through Facebook?

The reach of posts, definitely. I remember how it was like in 2014 – so much better.

Do you have some page managers or do you manage everything on your own? If not, then how do you manage to do everything on your own.

I manage it myself. Thanks to Facebook page manager app and 3G services in Pakistan. Sometimes the constant messages get on my nerves and I’ve to take a break and other time I go on a break myself.

We recently saw you doing collaboration with pk. How much has that helped to leverage reach and engagement of potential buyers of your products?

To be honest, Artsy or any other platform I’ve ever collaborated with i.e. Turbooz for a while, are a hassle and are no good for me. Being a new platform, I faced a lot of issues with Artsy and I’m no more collaborating with them.

Facebook has recently allowed page owners to establish a Facebook shop on their pages. Have you used it, yet?

Oh, I only saw it today. So no, I have yet to check it out J

Which product/products of yours does Facebook audience love the most? Also, which is your personal favourite item?

The leather journals are my personal favourite.
Can’t say about audience for sure though. There are phases, when one product is popular and then the tastes change.

We saw Pinterest and Twitter tabs on your Facebook page, but you haven’t updated the other two networks for quite a while now? What are the reasons behind it?

I don’t understand them both i.e. how do they help you reach local community.

What advice would you like to give to people enthusiastic about promoting products like yours and want to sell them through Facebook?


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